Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Day 7: Denver to Delta, UT

The scruffy badlands around Moab, Utah are like Marilyn Monroe: beautiful, but not my type. Glenwood Canyon, Colorado, by contrast, is 13 magnificent miles of twisting river, canyon, and lush trees. Today's ride was the most beautiful yet, but I had to keep up with the group so I took few roadside pictures.

Today Rolf, Peter, Rich and I got up early and rode 525 miles from Denver to Delta, Utah. I gave up a chance to ride solo through Jackson Hole, Grand Teton and Yellowstone in return for the safety of a small group ride to California, and a ride up the Pacific Coast from San Francisco. We had a lot of altitude and temperature changes today: up and down, and cold to hot to wet and back to hot.

My old high school friend Seth in Telluride called me back, but it was too late for me to divert through there. Tomorrow we'll ride down Route 50 all day to Lake Tahoe on the Nevada-California border. Maybe I'll post more later, but I gotta get some sleep, 'cause we're doing it all over again at 5 am. Ciao!

The score:
Today's temperatures while riding: high 98, low 55.
Miles today: 525.
Miles total: 2935.
Got wet: twice today, 4 times total.
Got high on scenery: don't know, I lost count fast today!


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