Sunday, September 17, 2006

Day 18 - Merrillville, IN to Cleveland, OH

We are on the home stretch now, baby!

Today we rode from the southern Chicago area to downtown Cleveland. Once again, we had beautiful weather. I was down to no clean clothes, so I did laundry and worked out. I left about 9:30, which was more than 2 hours after the pack, so I rode solo most of the day. I expected to catch Kieran and John on their slow scooters after lunch, but I never saw them. It remains a mystery how they arrived 2 hours after I did, yet I never saw them. The support truck, which stays behind the last scooter, also passed them without seeing them.

I saw so much brown corn and yellow soybeans. The town of Milan, OH, near Cleveland, is where Thomas Edison was born, and it was very pretty. Sorry, I did not get a picture of it.

The last 25 miles of the route led us past 200 or so traffic lights! I arrived at Pride of Cleveland Scooters around 7 pm, well before dusk. Most people already had their scooters taken apart for maintenance. We had a really good dinner of Cambodian food down the street.

I really appreciate the owner, Phil Waters, for opening his shop up to us on a Saturday night (and I mean ALL night for some of us), and then on Sunday morning. He's just one of so many who have made this trip unforgettable. And I am so glad that Loriann is recovering well from her surgery at home; the family and friends have been wonderful. Thanks to all of you who have posted comments, keep them coming!

Miles today - 330
Miles total - 7215
Traffic lights today - 342
(No, I did not count how many of them were green.)


At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Susan said...

Tracking your progress from my perch at the tail end of Deliverance now, Bobo. I am glad to hear the ride is going well for you and that Loriann is recovering.


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