Monday, August 14, 2006

Another Interlude

I'm home until September 6th or so, recharging the batteries and the bank account, and resting my butt. Then I return to Portland to reclaim the scooter for the rest of the trip. See for details of this adventure.

Looking back at my blog entries, I suggest reading them from Day 1 up, rather than last to first the way they appear. They start with trepidation, move to the amused traveler mode, then to just plain tired, and finally, thank God I made it by the end. There are lots of things I remember, but didn't say in the blog. Perhaps I was either tired, rushed, or spaced out when I posted. It's tempting to go back and edit, but that's just not authentic so I won't do it, except a few songs stick in my mind from certain days, so they get added.

I am working hard back at the office, trying to catch up from being away, and trying to get ahead before the Cannonball Run. Also I am trying to let the kids enjoy the end of summer. Our house has become teenager party central this summer. Hours: midnight to dawn. I remember those good old days and am trying to let the kids have good, clean fun. On a different note, we are at about $3,000 raised for Canine Partners For Life from individuals. I am way behind on seeking corporate sponsors. I need some help with that.

We had a beautiful day here on Sunday. Before our family birthday cookout, I went for a ride with a dozen others from Annapolis to North Beach on the slow green ET2. My scooter couldn't keep up with the faster scooters. It overheated. I had to let it cool off for about 10 minutes and then I kept the speed down to 40 mph. I love the green scooter; it's my first one, but I miss the speed of the big red GTS in Portland.

My oldest child, Hank, goes off to college in a week! He's bouncing off the walls with excitement and nervous tension. Come to think of it, he's a little like I was before I started the big ride.


At 11:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,

Where in this beautiful country might you be these days? How was Argentina? We hope you are doing well.

I enjoy the postings. Looking for updates.

Ed , Kathy , Andrew & Rebecca


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