Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Day 12 - Pacific City, OR to John Day, OR

Thirty of us and our support crew gathered at the coast where the bonfire had been last night, for the ceremonial start of the Cannonball Run to New York. There was really no ceremony. We did not leave exactly at 7 am as planned, but I rode out at 7:05 and 29 others followed within seconds.

Today was a beautiful day for riding. I rode in small groups, but mostly with Noe. The scenery was stunning. First we has the coastal mountains, then the central Oregon farmland, and finally over the Cascades, through a lava field, and into the high desert with rocky outcrops. Noe and I rode fairly slowly compared to some others. We had a nice lunch stop in Sisters. With 70 miles left to go, I found Jim broken down by the side of the rode. Libby pulled up soon with the support truck. It had room for his scooter, but no for him. So I rode the last 70 miles with Jim
on the back of my scooter.

I was one of the last to finish the ride. I got to the motel about 7 pm. I am not "racing" but some people are. There was a bit of discussion about how to penalize the people who missed some turns and shortened the route. It was a confusing route today.

John Day is a nice town. It even has a 24-hour gym. It's not locked at night. You just walk in and leave them five bucks if they are not there.

The weather forecast is looking good, for the next 3 days at least.

Miles Today 386
Miles Total 4879
Low Temperature Today - 39
High Temperature Today - 89
Number of Road Construction Delays - 1


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