Saturday, September 09, 2006

Arrived in Portland

Hi, folks, it's Saturday morning and we are gathering in Portland for the 3-hour ride to the coast at Pacific City. Some people are straggling in to Portland but it still looks like all 30 of us will start.

I got in yesterday afternoon with fears that the scooter exhaust might not have been fixed. I actually pulled an all-nighter and stood by for the 6 am flight from Baltimore so I would get here at lunch time to be able to take the scooter for a test ride. No worries, Rob V. here had picked the scooter up earlier and taken it for a 100 mile test ride. It is running like a top!

For the next 10 days of our ride, it will be hard to top the breakfast at Genie's that I just had with Earl, John and Noe! I had an egg white omelet with dungeness crab, onions and tomatoes and hollandaise sauce, accompanied by beautiful Oregon peaches and blueberries. Yum! Pictures will follow. It makes up for the horrid food last night at the Original Taco House. If you're ever in Portland, just don't go there.

More later! Thanks again to all the sponsors and supporters of Canine Partners For Life! I had a blast on the flight writing some thank you postcards and I think I am caught up on them, but I want to have to write a LOT more! I met my fellow rider Noe from south Texas last night for the first time, and he has raised more than $80,000 for his local library! What an inspiration.

Later update: we had an uneventful group ride to the coast, and then a party on the beach with a bonfire and bowling balls shot from a cannon! It was Scott's 40th birthday so we had a little party for him in his room.

Miles today - 104


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